Rainbow sponsored the IV International Soybean Congress

Oct 23,2019

From the 21st to 22nd of Oct., 2019, the IV International Soybean Congress was held in Santa cruz, Bolivia. Rainbow attended as the main sponsor of this congress.

The congress held once two years, with a total of about 600 participants who are mainly soybean-related enterprises and farmers from the South American and other regions. The theme of the conference is a new technology-related lecture on soybeans from experts from Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. A total of 16 experts and technical personnel from various companies gave speeches such as Weed Management in Soybean Production, Status of Argentine Resistant Weeds, Soil Management Experience, Comprehensive Management of Soybean Pests, etc. Luis Acuña, Rainbow’s commercial development manager in Bolivia, was invited to present keynote speeches.

The event aims to discuss topics such as Rational Fertilization, Weed and Pest Control, Integrated Pest Management, Biotechnology, Marketing and Weather Forecasting to help farmers and companies improve soybean management, increase productivity and international competitiveness.

As the main sponsor of this conference, Rainbow has improved its market visibility and influence and greatly promoted its development of brand business. After the meeting, we also invited the main brand business customers to attend a dinner, our Bolivia country manager Juan Lopez showed the scale and business model of Rainbow to customers, to consolidate the relationships and help the customers to understand Rainbow more comprehensively, which built the foundation for future cooperation.


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