Rainbow accelerates investment in Annex II defending and Annex III in EU

Oct 22,2019

Just after the 2019 AgorChemEx, Rainbow decided to increase the investment in EU market.

Since 2016, Rainbow has been investing in pesticide technical equivalences in the European Union. It has now obtained the equivalent identification of about 30 active components in the EU, and more than 50 A.I.s are in progress. This is a major step in building Rainbow's One Stop Technical Material Supply Platform for the EU market.

The EU market is one of Rainbow's major markets in our strategic plan. Rainbow decided to invest about 50 million Euros in the next five years, to screen for important active ingredients and to invest in Annex II Defending & Annex III for marketable formulations in the EU market. At the same time, Rainbow does not rule out the acquisition of EU localization companies in order to speed up the access to the EU market.

It is expected that the continuous increase of investment in the EU market will lay a solid foundation for Rainbow's sustained growth in 2025-2030.

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