Rainbow Attended the 3rd CAC Pakistan Summit

Dec 6,2017

With the strong support from Pakistan Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Development & Reforms, Punjab provincial party committee and local agro-companies, the 3rd CAC Pakistan Summit hosted by CCPIT was given successfully on 4-5 DEC in Lahore International Expo Centre. Rainbow team with 3 members attended this exhibition.

As the promotion of The Belt and Road, and the establishment of China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, the trade between China and Pakistan is more and more frequent. As a vast agricultural country, the pesticide market value of Pakistan is also big, and it`s now becoming larger for the reasons of more appreciation from government and the increase of agricultural production. This gives a good chance to the development of local agriculture and the entrance of Chinese enterprises.

For Rainbow, 2017 is the first year to entrance this market, before this exhibition, Rainbow had started some business and pushed the construction of registrations platform. This is the first time for Rainbow to arrange the exhibition in Pakistan, we also grabbed this opportunity to discuss with customers actively and prompt Rainbow image and products, which got good reputations from local costumers and Chinese peers. Rainbow Pakistan team will develop the best integrative proposal in terms of technology and agronomic practices, and will be engaged in working for and about the growth of our customers.


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