Rainbow Central America organized a visit of agro-industry customers to China

Sep 13,2017

From August 21 to 30 of the current year, a group of Central American agro-industry customers visited our Head Quarters and R&D Center in Jinan, Shandong Province, China and also 3 of our main factories in Weifang and Qingdao city. Most of our customers from the sugar industry from several countries of the Central American region were able to share valuable knowledge, present their concerns, identify challenges and opportunities to the current and future needs. They also got to know Rainbow better, our facilities and technological capabilities, our vision, our team and the president, to understand the objectives and potential of our company. At the same time, they learned more about China's culture and big progress as a global leader nowadays.

This tour brought a lot of value to all participants as it was enriching the cultural exchange and knowledge throughout this, bringing together two continents, thus initiating a long-term partnership and cooperation. We thank all our customers and team for participating and making this visit a success and a magnificent experience. We look forward to continuing to cooperate in the growth of our customers, working with the commitment to create more solutions for their industry.


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