Rainbow Attended the 13th ACE Vietnam Summit

Jul 31,2017

During July. 27-28th, 2017, the 13th ACE Summit was hold in Viet Nam. Around 50 companies from China, America, Japan, Viet Nam etc. opened booth in the exhibition. Besides of the Viet Nam visitors, more than 1700 visitors from worldwide including Rainbow team with 3 members attended this exhibition. .

Based on the strategy of “Rapid Market Access Platform”, Rainbow started to set up its registration platform in Viet Nam in 2012 with a full understanding of the potential market and a vision of its place in this market and the value the company will add through its products. Currently Rainbow has obtained more than 10 product registrations in Viet Nam, with a lot of products under going process. Aiming at provide intelligent agriculture solutions to Viet Nam farmer, Rainbow wish to know more deeply about the Viet Nam market requirement. Through this exhibition, Rainbow is more confidence on her current strategy and future development direction and further step for better cooperation and growth with customers.


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